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  • For both employers and job seekers, it is important to know how to choose a recruitment agency. Companies that tend to outsource job search and screening will consider construction recruitment agencies‘ reputations, strategies, procedures, and costs. For job seekers who must choose employment agencies that will recognize their unique skills and actively promote their service, these same factors are important. A big recruitment agency can enable a skilled job seeker to find the job opening that best suits his skills. You will find the right recruitment agency for you by clarifying your expectations and discovering the key traits of the firm.

    Determine the requirements for staffing. The goal can be to hire temporary, administrative staff at entry-level to support employees when they are sick or on holiday. You may also need a highly qualified Web developer to help you implement your start-up product. Seek a recruitment agency that fulfills these criteria.

    Look for construction recruitment that suits the recruiting needs. Many employers focus mainly on temporary administrative and accounting activities. In fields including engineering and marketing, other companies position highly qualified experts in short-or long-term contracts. Management consulting firms specialize in the recruitment and selection of business executives.

    Conduct a recruitment agency quest. You can find companies in your region through an online search using words such as “staffing agency”, “construction agencies“, “temporary staff” and the “employment agency,” alongside your sector and geographical location. One smart way to find an agency is to inquire.

    Analyze multiple recruitment agencies. Collect information on their specialties, reputations, and policies. Start by looking at many different ones and decide what you want to narrow your search down. Check the client list of the staffing agency. Visit the website of the recruitment agency or call the agency to submit a customer list. A long history of good reputation is usually a sign of a high-quality business.
    Ask for references from the department. To inquire about the reliability, professionalism, communication habits and other issues relevant to your industry, call companies that use its services.

    Find a strong company. A lack of knowledge of your business, a lack of focus on agency revenues, hasty correspondence and empty promises are explanations for avoiding specific staffing agencies. On the other side, if a recruiter is well educated, takes the time to respond and has data to back up his statements, it is a much better choice.

    Check around for rates. A business that offers workers at a price below the market value could not automatically be the best choice if the high-quality staff is not attracted. On the other hand, a high-priced business might pay very little for employees and charge an unfair surcharge. Until making a decision, examine these things. Fees can vary from 8-25%. It depends on the organization and the pay. Find this information in advance so you know what to expect.

    Find out about their method of choice. Do you have a strict screening process? Can they give you many summaries? Ideally, they would work hard for you by reviewing a large number of applicants from many sources carefully and giving you only the most eligible resumes. See how many applications you will have to handle, what their application process entails and what details they gather about applicants. Look for an organization that will do you a hard job.

    Ask about your retention rate. A successful recruitment agency should be able to put workers in their roles that last. It is both costly and time-consuming to recruit workers who leave the job quickly. When you pay the Company a charge for each job, see if the employee is leaving.

    This helpful guide has been written by SK RECRUITMENT who is one of the UK’s leading trade recruitment agencies. 

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