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  • Searching for the right job can be a difficult task, and many jobseekers grow frustrated at what appears to be a lack of ideal opportunities. But recruitment experts and career advisors know that a jobseeker’s lack of success is not always because of a lack of job openings, but often because of their approach and search strategy.

    To help maximise your chances of finding your ideal job, here are five tips to help you develop a successful job search strategy.

    Search for Jobs in the Right Places

    The most obvious places where jobs are advertised might not always be the best places to search for roles within a specific trade. The classic job adverts in newspapers and magazines are a good place to start, but mostly just to see what kind of roles are being touted about in your local area.

    However, there will be many more jobs posted on internet job sites and boards so you will have a lot more success by conducting an extensive search online for the role you want.

    Vary Your Job Search Methods

    Dedicate your time to searching as many online sites as possible, especially any industry-specific ones. Upload your CV to websites such as CareerBuilder so employers can find you themselves.

    Regularly search company websites for news about any available positions. Also keep an eye out for job fairs or events held by trade organisations where you can potentially network your way into your ideal position. It is also wise to sign up to a trade recruitment agency as many companies conduct their entire recruitment processes directly through such agencies.

    Search Efficiently and Effectively

    Forget the scattergun approach of applying for anything and everything even remotely related to the job you want. Ultimately this approach is a waste of energy and resources which would be better spent on targeted applications that have been tailored to a specific company and available role within that company.

    Take Advantage of Modern Technology

    There are a multitude of job search apps and advanced search tools that you can use these days to focus your job hunt and identify all of the potential opportunities that await you. Apps such as the free Monster job search app can make the hunt for an ideal role much easier.

    Also make use of advanced search operators and tools such as Google Alerts to be notified immediately of any new jobs being advertised.

    Monitor and Manage Social Media

    A lot of firms use their social media platforms to advertise jobs and even offer information on how to successfully apply for such positions. It will also reflect well on you during an interview if you are up to speed with the company’s status according to their social media postings.

    Many jobseekers also use their social media accounts as advertisements of their skills and ambitions, linking to them from job applications to give companies an early insight into the value you can bring to their workforce.

    To find out more about available jobs in your trade, contact SK Recruitment who one of the UK’s leading trade recruitment agencies.

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