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  • A lot of the reasons for someone wanting to work for a particular company will have to do with that company’s status in the industry. Larger and better known companies will usually have no shortage of candidates vying for positions and apprenticeships. That doesn’t mean smaller businesses can’t also makes themselves into attractive propositions with just a few adjustments to their recruitment strategies.

    The idea is to attract the best candidates possible and to provide your business with as many options in this regard as possible. Here are a few ways you can ensure you are attracting the very best talent available…

    Connect with the Local Community

    By connecting with local schools, community groups and career advisors, you can inspire the interest of young people who are yet to determine which career direction they want to take. This might not seem like an especially useful tactic in the short-term, but as a long-term strategy it can provide your business with a never-ending stream of potential apprentices and skilled worker candidates.

    Regularly Attend Industry Network Events

    A one-off appearance at any of the many networking opportunities specific to the skilled trades you require or even more general job fair-type events can often identify an excellent job seeking candidate or two. But regular attendance at such UK trade shows, especially any associated with the specific trade you require for your business, can actually inspire even more ideal candidates to seek you out.

    Cater to all Genders

    Construction trades are still significantly dominated by males, but the amount of women learning skilled trades is on the rise. However, a common issue that women in such workplaces encounter is ill-fitting safety equipment which has been designed specifically for men. There is also still plenty of out-dated attitudes and inappropriate behaviour to deal with which can discourage potentially excellent female construction workers. By ensuring your business caters to everybody equally, your company automatically becomes a preferred destination for a significantly increasing percentage of the workforce.

    Provide Job Training and Professional Development

    If you offer opportunities to develop skills along with professional progression, you are again automatically a much more attractive proposition than companies that only hire candidates for a specific and un-evolving role. You can also provide certification opportunities or offer to subsidise the costs of vocational courses to show potential candidates that you care about their development as a professional.

    Partner with a Skilled Trade Recruitment Agency

    There are lots of recruitment agencies, but one that specialises in skilled trade workers is always going to have access to superior candidates in your company’s location.

    To find out more about how you can improve your company’s strategy for recruiting skilled trade workers, contact SK Recruitment who are one of the UK’s leading trade recruitment agencies.

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