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    A very common question: What advice have you for employers who plan to work with a recruiting agency? What should they look for? How can they decide correctly?

    Make it clear what you want

    Although construction agencies are salesmen, a good person would listen to you and choose someone who suits you well. The client must, however, know what they are looking for and express it to the recruiter. The concept of Excel intermediate skills can be the understanding of advanced skills from someone else. In what you want in a candidate, you need to be clear.

    Assess the terms and conditions

    Construction Agencies London can often be very restrictive in terms of talent acquisition arrangements and so on. The best recruiters are agile and can move fast and dynamically to help you and your company locate and sustain their expertise. The last thing you want to do is keep working with a recruiter who is stuck with inflexible terms.

    Make your homework

    When selecting an applicant, do the same homework to choose an agency recruiter. See your LinkedIn profile for your background. Was their expertise in the sector in which you want them to work indicative? Can you demonstrate as much expertise as you said in your conversation?

    Chat Like Applicants

    Interview the recruiters just as you would a job candidate. Ask: Do you already have candidates in your database for my position? How are you going to find and test my candidates? How are you going to keep me up to date on candidate status? How long will it take for the role to be filled?

    How much experience has the recruiter?

    If you recruit for hard to fulfill skills— most likely why you hire an agency— you’re interested in finding the best candidates. Experienced recruiters have been developing networks of major candidates for years. Such applicants are not listed on boards because they do not have to publish their curricula. You hire the firm for your network of employees, which nobody else would consider. This is worth more than a few dollars an hour to a contracted applicant or the few thousand dollars that may be required to hire the best agency in a permanent placement. Time to fill will be lower and the standard of the applicant will be higher. These are the two most important aspects of an applicant, and without a professional recruiter, you can not get it.

    Find the experience and reputation of the company

    Employers will recognize the agency’s experience and a competitive track record in this sector for permanent strategic placements. When was the company’s new fill? What is the extent of the network of the company? How big is the archive of the company? How often does the organization refresh the applicant and fill up their funnels? Is the firm tapped into passive networks of candidates? What strategies does the company use to reveal new talent?

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