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  • If you decide to use a recruitment agency (construction agencies London) to find the right vacant candidate, here are some hints to ensure that you get the most out of them. The most effective way to find new permanent staff members can be to externalize your recruiting process. If you have never been to an agency before, it may feel like a bit of a mining area: there are just agencies operating online, there are major highway and smaller specialist companies and there are individual head chasing businesses, can be construction recruitment agencies.

    It is best to give yourself a few choices to choose the right one for you and your budget. Five critical questions must be answered, aside from industry-specific questions:

    1. How do you charge and Who do you charge?

    Recruitment authorities tend to charge a percentage fee or a retainer in one of two ways. The percentage rate is based on the candidate’s starting wage and is usually charged after the candidate starts to work for you. This is the common type of fee, so you don’t need to pay anything to the agency if you don’t find a fit nominee. However, payments based on the organization and compensation will differ by 8-25 percent. If a retainer fee is chosen, it is agreed at the beginning: one percentage is payable in advance and the rest is payable when the candidate begins to work.

    2. If the employee leaves what happens?

    Nothing is more disappointing to see them leave after you have paid an employer fee than having spent time and resources in a new employee. In the event of an applicant leaving within a specified time, most agencies offer a form of refund (normally 12 weeks in compliance with the probation term). The discount is generally based on a sliding scale which depends on the length of the processing time. Make sure you negotiate a discount structure that suits you with your agency. Don’t hesitate to write it down.

    3. What is the method of resume (CV) selection?

    You will save time and resources to outsource recruiting. You do not want to get applications inundated where you have to check for applicants for hours. Ask the department how the screening process is being conducted, how the applications are being managed, how they talk to each candidate and what details the applicants receive. Please also ask them how many resumes they expect.

    4. How do you handle the referencing of candidates?

    Reference controls must be performed before hiring new employees, but this can take time. It is important to find out whether they work with referrals before choosing a recruiting firm. Confirming identity and communicating on your behalf to past bosses would give the applicants you have more trust.

    5. Have you previously placed applicants in similar roles?

    Selecting the best employee may be a challenge by itself given the vast number of recruiting firms available. You must rest assured that your position and the kinds of applications the agency is searching for understand. Asking whether people have filled similar positions tends to make sure you pick the best one. Best still, ask them to provide examples and consumer testimonials if necessary.

    Why not mention the companies you are planning to use and invite them to introduce them to you if you are still unsure? This will provide them with an motivation and an chance to highlight their home job in your industry. It would also give you a better picture of the strategy of each agency and of those who make the business the most welcoming to check out the employees.

    This helpful guide has been written by SK RECRUITMENT

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