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  • When the unemployment figure increases in times of difficult economic crisis, job seekers need all the support and guidance they can get. This is sadly a fertile time for corrupt recruiting companies to deal with their dishonest tricks. There are, however, certain indications of poor recruiting activity that, if identified, can allow you to identify and prevent construction agencies with poor performance expectations.

    Is a fee included?
    When you try to charge your recruiting agency a fee for their recruiting services, warning bells should sound right away. The hiring company shall pay the fees of the construction agencies London. You should never sign a contract to pay the recruiting firm for something that your new employer will pay for, no matter how big the game of a “gang” recruitment campaign sounds.

    Is your consultant less informed than well?
    And why are they a management advisor? Recruitment is a high-pressure sector where there is fierce competition. When consultants are uninformed about a particular sector of the profession or position they do not do their job properly, which can mean that the recruitment agency has under standard training programs or simply poor performance standards. If they don’t do their best, you won’t get the best chance to find a job.

    Are you “liberal with the truth” easy to use?
    So what else are they going to be easy with? There are many articles on the Web and questions asked in forums about recruiting consultants that say you should lie about your personal or professional past during an interview or on your resume. This makes you as unethical as the adviser. Stick to the facts and one day leave the contractor unstuck.

    Are your sources the new business leaders?
    This can be hard to find, but it is a good sign that a recruiter wants to generate large volumes of business leads rather than focusing on getting you to the job. Call the referees after they have been contacted by your recruiting director to ask if they are making additional suggestions to them. If they did, think about getting a consultant who focuses a little more on your needs.

    Are they overconfident embarrassingly?
    The brash, face-to-face anti-recruitment experts will drive you crazy. To be overconfident that they guarantee your work is a sure sign that much of your business is warm air. No one except the recruiting firm will guarantee you the job. Also, look for truthful consultants from the beginning. After all, they are your first reflection of what your next employer might be.

    Apply too much pressure to certain workers by your consultant?
    The recruiting consultant’s task is to find a job that fits as many of your profession as possible. The job of the recruiting consultant is not to direct you away from your career interests and into open positions from which you know you are earning more money. You should always know that you have a strong relationship with your consultant and always work in your best interest.

    Have you been asked too many questions about information gathering?
    It is important to be careful of consultants who ask you too many questions and provide you with detailed information about your past employment employers or businesses. This is a thinly disguised lead generation for the other candidates the contractor will use.

    Believe it or not, you will be asked by some scrupulous consultants to name the companies to which you have sent your CV so that they can not send it again, which they claim may damage your chances. Now the company has a list of recruitment firms that can submit other applicants to improve the competition.

    Note, it isn’t all negative. There isn’t any excuse why you won’t find a good, ethical recruitment firm, which will allow you to find the work you are searching for if you follow the simple guidelines above and search for the highlighted indicators of bad practice. Finally, always remember to ask about the reputation of a construction recruitment agency, as they are often based on applicant experience and word of mouth.

    This helpful guide has been written by SK RECRUITMENT who is one of the UK’s leading trade recruitment agencies. Here you can find our preview post.

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