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  • If you have been thinking of applying for roles but are unsure if you are suitable, then figuring out your skill level should be your first action. Progression during your last or current work experience may well have moved you beyond being a skilled or semi-skilled worker, so it is worth knowing your worth when seeking new employment.

    Certain experiences and qualifications can elevate a worker to highly-skilled worker status which means your value is a lot greater than before you acquired those experiences or academic achievements. This can open up whole new opportunities to improve your pay grade and advance your career.

    Who Qualifies as a Highly-Skilled Worker?

    Firstly, unskilled workers are employees whose duties can be considered simple and do not require a high level of expertise or experience to fulfil. Such occupations will not require much independent judgement, though they will usually require some level of familiarity with the articles or goods they work with. The maximum requisite demand placed on an unskilled worker will likely relate to their familiarity with the occupational environment.

    A semi-skilled worked might need some minor independent judgement skills, though they will probably operate in quite a narrow field. Their level rises above the unskilled worker due to the demands of their daily operations. Though simple, the operational demands will likely require accuracy via a proper discharge of their duties. They will not be involved in any important decisions.

    The skilled worker will be required to apply a limited level of independent judgement to their duties. Their duties must of course be discharged properly and accurately, while they will also be required to have a fairly comprehensive knowledge or experience of the industry or role they are performing. An ability to effectively supervise semi-skilled and unskilled employees will also be expected at this level.

    Highly-skilled workers are expected to have a high level of competency in their role, as well as the capability of supervising skilled workers. How potentially competent in a role an interviewing highly-skilled worker is perceived to be will be determined not only by their previous experience but their ability to understand the role they are interviewing for and articulate how they intend to apply their skills to help bring more success to the company.

    How to Become a Highly-Skilled Worker

    A highly-skilled worker can be from a traditional white collar or blue collar environment. They are basically any workers who have extensive training or special skills and knowledge of their work. These skills may have been acquired through higher education or through experience on the job.

    Jobs that often require such highly-skilled workers can range from the likes of accountants, software developers and engineers to crane operators, truck drivers, and machinists.

    To find out more about seeking employment as a highly-skilled worker, contact SK Recruitment who are one of the UK’s leading trade recruitment agencies.

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