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  • What job is best to apply for? Is my CV available? How do I get ready for that interview? Have I got the proper experience?

    Job seeking can be daunting and answering all these questions yourself can be very difficult. For many, the natural inclination is to look at job hunting as a game of numbers and give your CV to as many businesses as possible and vacancies. Surely, you’re going to get in somewhere by the normal rule, right? This approach is outdated and will significantly extend your job hunting time while putting you at risk of missing out on that perfect job.

    Using a credible construction recruitment agency gives you dedicated professional assistance from start to finish to guide you through the process while providing a wide range of benefits.

    CV Support

    Recruiters invest their time with you and your CV. The CV is your first chance to get an understanding of the decision-makers in the business to which you apply. It is therefore important to go through it with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that your skills and experience are a fit for the specific needs of the job. Recruiters are well versed in extracting relevant information from your employment history that may align with the specific job requirements. You will then be advised on how to differentiate your CV from the others, in order to secure an interview with your desired company.

    Relationship with the Company and hiring managers

    Construction recruitment agencies London has established long-standing partnerships with large multinationals, small and medium-sized companies and start-ups across a wide range of industries. Our recruiters have a direct line at the HR departments and decision-makers in the organizations we employ. When the jobs come up, we know what they are looking for in terms of both specific job requirements and cultural fit. Our recruiters are able to determine the real requirements for the job through liaising with hiring managers, exactly what they are looking for in a candidate.

    Applications for using talent management systems

    Direct are becoming a thing of the past. When you applied directly to a client, under their Recruitment Management Restrictions, we cannot serve you for that company for a duration of 6-12 months. This means that an application that you have not thought about can hold you back from applying for several months for your dream company. In addition, it is important to note that an application is not specific to the role and Recruitment Management Restrictions may apply even if you simply create a profile on a company website and do not necessarily apply to any job.

    If you see an advertising job that is of Interest – Contact your dedicated SK Recruitment Consultant to see if you are applying on your behalf!


     At every stage of the process, a recruiter can provide you with timely input, providing both formal and informal feedback. On the opposite, a direct application can often lead to frustration by which you, on that day is one of a hundred applicants, apply directly and hear nothing back. Construction agencies London have a direct contact line to the hiring manager to expedite the process. Recruiters can also pass on your business thoughts and interview panelists after the interview, which may put you in an even better light.

    Preparation for interviews

    So, the recruiter sent your (now amazing) CV to your dream company, and you won an interview… Now what?

    Extensive interview preparation will be provided to ensure you are fully prepared to wow the interviewer. You’ll go through mock interviews over a coffee or a brief meeting at a time that suits you, get insights into what the companies are looking for, what kind of questions they’re asking, and offer guidance on how to best answer them. You walk confidently into the interview and ready to knock’em dead!

    Discuss on your behalf

    It can be unnerving to discuss salary and benefits so why not leave it to the experts? Recruiters spend five days of the week negotiating terms, terms, compensation, and prices. Recruiters are professional, they know what to say, how to ask and what is achievable.

    It’s free

    The service provided for the applicant by recruitment agencies is free. When you start working, the company that hires you will be charged a fee but this will not affect you in any way.

    If you are looking to move jobs or just want to see what’s out there, contact us by email or call.

    If you come from a different background/industry/location, please visit our website: SK RECRUITMENT AGENCY and contact one of our Recruitment Consultants.

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